Online Dating Tips: How to create and write your dating profile

Online dating has exploded over the past few years and many people are now turning to the internet to meet people. There are a variety of paid and free sites including the popular eHarmony and Plenty of fish. We recognize that internet and online dating can be a little intimidating, confusing, and even frustrating for [...]

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How to talk to women and have great conversations

Being able to carry a great conversation is extremely important in all aspects of life – not just in your love life. That said, of course it is also a great skill to have when trying to meet new women. A woman loves a guy who is able to handle their own, verbally, but having [...]

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How to deal with rejection

Overcoming the fear of rejection is almost a necessity for successful dating. It is a huge barrier why a lot of men never approach women. So lets try to shake off this fear by taking a closer look at rejection. It happens. As the image above so kindly outlines – rejection happens. It typically isn’t [...]

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Going home together: His place or her place?

We recently had an email from a reader asking us to talk about choosing between the guy’s and girl’s place for a rendezvous. More specifically, after leaving together from a mutual location, ie. a bar or club. Here are some of the factors we feel are important when deciding where to go after an evening [...]

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What to do after you get a woman’s phone number

A black-book full of phone numbers doesn’t do a whole lot of good if none of them ever get used. Now that you have a number (or multiple numbers) you want to convert them into your end goal. (date, sex, relationship, etc.) Naturally, for any of this to happen you will need to arrange a [...]

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How to meet your girlfriend’s family: winning others over

A great relationships can become even better if you get along with the parents and family of your partner. This advice is great for both guys and girls who might be wondering how to meet my girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents or family. We will discuss a few key aspects of meeting people in general that [...]

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The no-fail ice breaker

The moment you have all been waiting for: the ice breaker that works every time. What is it? Say anything. An ice breaker is meant to do just that – break the ice. If you spend too much time deciding what you are going to say to introduce yourself you are going to look awkward [...]

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Defining your relationship: casual dating to exclusivity

This is the conversation that will typically make or break most casual relationships and it can be a fragile time for a lot of couples. From my experience this conversation is usually initiated by the woman (but not always) and usually involves a variation of these quick questions: What are we? or What do we [...]

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Raise your value and attractiveness in the eyes of women

Men and women are attracted to each other in completely different ways. It is the phenomenon that explains why you see average Joes dating and sleeping with beautiful woman. For men – this is a good thing. It means that men are able to increase their chances with women by understanding what women find attractive [...]

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Good relationships vs bad relationships – How you can tell

There are many factors and things you can look at to determine whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Trust, love, and personality are all common things that people consider when deciding if a relationship is good or bad. The following is our breakdown of things to watch for in a relationship as signs to [...]

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